eDreams Отзывы 2023 | Насколько им доверяют? Прочитать отзывы 139

eDreams Отзывы 2023 | Насколько им доверяют? Прочитать отзывы: 139

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eDreams Отзывы 2023 | Насколько им доверяют? Прочитать отзывы: 139

No mistakes allowed
Be very careful when you use the edreams app. A small mistake cost you a fortune and when you try to solve the issue afterwards, almost impossible to contact the customer service of edreams and they use every excuse they can to put you on hold and collect as much € possible. I admit I made a mistake in my booking. I realized within 10 minutes after the booking was made. I lost 1300€ of the 1500€ spent and experienced no willingness to help me from edreams/expedia. When you are a robot, being 100% sure you make no mistakes, this platform is an option. Me, as a normal human being, will NEVER book through edreams again!!


The worst company and service
Terrible customer service, my flight got cancelled 6months ago, i already managed to talk to the airlines/ECC as I still haven’t received my money back but trying to talk to eDreams? Impossible. Only the shitty chatbox that can’t help and they also don’t reach out to anyone not even to the airline

Untrustworthy! Unprofessional! E-Dreams lied to keep our money after airline canceled our trip
Our flight was canceled due to a snow storm and we contacted e-Dreams as soon as the flight was canceled, and they replied with an email to say they were contacting the hotel and not to worry, that trips canceled due to disrupted flights would be refunded without penalty. They sent an email later that night to say that the refund was in progress, and again, not to do anything. But after that stressful day, they have said that we contacted them one day after our hotel check-in, and therefore, no refund is possible. I have the email confirmation from e-Dreams, hours before we were supposed to check in, but sending this evidence to e-Dreams just results in more of them saying we are sorry, there is nothing we can do. It has been more than a month and e-Dreams kept thousands of dollars and never provided the service. E-Dreams only cares about getting the money even if customers do not get to take the vacation they paid for. Do not trust e-Dreams with your business.

BEWARE! Do not use this company at all for booking anything. They do not take responsibility for any services they provide. They also charge “Mediation Fees” which are non-refundable, even when there is absolutely nothing you can do as a customer.
Here is my example. I booked a flight for 3 people from Montreal to Calgary leaving Feb 15, returning Feb 22nd. BOTH flights were canceled by the airline, with no re-booking until APRIL, 2023… So the airline refunded e-dreams on January 17 2023. I am on the phone with them now, on February 13 2023 still fighting for my refund. BUT WAIT! They are going to give me some refund, but not all of it. Why you ask? Great question. Well it is because…. they cannot give a reason whatsoever. This is a scam service, through and through. They will not give a reason, even a bad one, for not giving me a full refund. I had nothing to do with the cancellation of these flights, yet they are keeping a pile of money, just because. **Update – they are keeping the additional money for, get this… CHECKED BAGS… Checked bags on a flight that no longer exists. Be careful, do not use this company

This company gave me a fake booking reference number ( dec.18 2022 flight to Miami from Toronto )


Don’t ever book with eDreams
Don’t ever book with eDreams, eDreams is a completely waste of time and money. They will happily give you false hope and information and when called out on it, they simply just blame you instead. Customer service is not helpful at all either. Their system and the chat box function does not match up and sync the information so avoid at all costs. It’s always their words against yours. Not worth the trouble.

Mi nombre es María Gabriela Aular, escribo porque desde marzo del 2022 estoy esperando que me hagan un reembolso de un vuelo cancelado.
Unos meses después de solicitar el reembolso, cancelé la tarjeta de crédito a través de la cual hice la compra y llamé a eDreams para solicitarles que por favor dejaran indicado que el reembolso lo hicieran a mi cuenta y no a la tarjeta de crédito porque estaba cancelada. El asesor apuntó mi número de cuenta y me indicó que el cambio ya estaba realizado, por lo que el reembolso se haría a mi cuenta.
Después de llamar cada 15 días como por un año, enterarme de un montón de irregularidades que hubo en la solicitud de mi reembolso, el día 23 enero 2023 me enviaron un correo informando que habían realizado el reembolso y llamé a eDreams para asegurarme de que habían hecho el reembolso a la cuenta que les había indicado anteriormente y no a la tarjeta de crédito cancelada con la que había hecho la compra.
Para mi sorpresa (o ya no tan sorpresa) el asesor me indica que habían hecho el reembolso a la TARJETA CANCELADA A LA QUE PEDÍ MIL VECES NO LO HICIERAN y me dijo que me tenía que comunicar con mi banco para que ellos me enviaran el dinero a mi cuenta. Resignada de tanta lucha, llamo al banco y me informan que no han recibido nada, me piden que le solicite a eDremas un justificante bancario con el número de transacción, monto, fecha y destino del dinero. Nuevamente llamo a eDreams para solicitarles este justificante y me dicen que no pueden entregármelo, que ellos no tienen un justificante bancario, y después de mucho discutir con el asesor, me dice que el reembolso sí se había hecho a mi cuenta y no a la tarjeta de crédito cancelada (en mi opinión, me dijo esto para ya poder terminar con la llamada). Me indicó que en este caso debo enviar un correo a una dirección de correo enviando un extracto bancario donde se viera que no he recibido el dinero.
Envío el correo a la dirección que me indica y me redirigen a otro lado, esto pasó 3 veces ya que al parecer ningún departamento es el responsable de estos casos. Hasta ahora no me han dado respuesta de NADA… ese dinero está perdido y tengo CASI UN AÑO PIDIENDOLO,
Tengo casi un año esperando este reembolso y estoy cansada de llamar a eDreams por todas las irregularidades que ha habido. Les AGRADEZCO por favor hagan correctamente el reembolso para poder cerrar este trámite que me tiene AGOTADA!!.
Para los que lean este foro….. les recomiendo encarecidamente que cuando compren algún pasaje de avión lo hagan directamente con la aerolínea así sea un poco más caro. ESTA ROGADERA PARA UN DINERO QUE ES MIO NO VALE LA PENA

enightmares This company took 645 dollars from me for a date change before they confirmed the airline could accommodate me, which they could not. edreams admitted this after I went through the grueling process of contacting them when I never received a confirmation. I instructed them to refund my money and said they will, less $60 for a “service” fee. I lost three days because of their so called service. I could have made other arrangements. Never again Stay away from edreams! Jim Ferrante, Spokane, Washington

eDreams failed website cost me $400
I attempted to buy tickets from their website multiple times, using my bank’s app to authorize payment. Every time (about 5 attempts) the eDreams website told me “transaction failed”. So I bought the tickets elsewhere. After that eDreams sent me a confirmation that the purchase DID go through. Now they won’t refund money — in fact, they say they can only charge money they can’t refund it. Company is a scam, stay away!


They are scammers! They will not honor any agreements for free flight changes. If your flight is changed, they will charge the cost of a new ticket even if it shows a zero balance. Apparently screenshots of their own website is not proof to them because they don’t want to admit that they are thieves. It would be way less cost and less stress to go direct with your airline of choice. Look at the negative reviews and be warned. Might be time for a class action lawsuit See screenshots (They show zero balance due and then charged me >$1000

Got off of a long flight armed with my confirmation number for Thrifty Car Rental. EDreams never sent the reservation! No car! All other agencies were sold out. In a city with no transportation besides expensive Ubers! Don’t use these people!

Avoid Edreams and be aware of Prime scam
Their service is very poor. Specially “Prime” you pay prime for nothing. Be aware they are pretty much scam. They owe me money for a cancellation on a flight is been a year and no refund or even answer for conclusion is still pending in their app is still showing as waiting for the airline to confirm. No way to speak to them email bounce back and the chat is automatically answered by a robot that does not help on top they are charging to my credit card for another year of “prime” Bull …t. Do not provide your account details use a different provider. They are SCam!!

EDREAMS terrible company: DO NOT USE !!
If your travel is following your original plan then you might be OKAY with edreams. But as soon as there is a small change your will be LOST… EDREAMS will make you feel you are dealing with SCAM AND FRAUD . The customer service of edreams is almost impossible to contact. The chat robot is absolute waste of time. If you manage to ‘crack’ their system and are able to talk to an agent you will find out that they cannot help you, inform you incorrect and only delay finding a solution.
Due to non-responsive service team of edreams my flight was cancelled. Edreams blamed the airline for not receiving the refund of 1000eur. It took me 10months and many many mails & calls, and only after negative reviews on TRUSTPILOT I get confirmation that the airline had authorized the refund. On December 15 2022 I received the good news that the refund would be on my account in max 7 days. In-line with many many broken promises also this time NO REFUND. Now the SCAM and fraudulent behavior continues again…..I complained edreams about the missing refund (you can in fact only do this my posting a negative review on TRUSTPILOT). Their standard reply is we start the refund process for you…it will take minimum 30days to receive feedback of the airline……EDREAMS has already received the refund !!! I bet EDREAMS “earns” a lot of money by not paying back refund and people simply give up….. EDREAM act like thieves, fraudulent and until proven otherwise a SCAM. AVOID THIS COMPANY ! There are many other good and reliable travel agency to use.


Very very bad service
I bought the ticket grime edream and Singapore airline cancelled my flight and put me another flight that delayed and I can not connect to another flight. I keep contact edream but they just ask me to wait every 24 and 48 hours until now I been waiting more that 500 hours still no reply and doesn’t help me to fix the problem.

In May 2022 I bought a ticket + insurance policy for refund for any reason. It’s already Jan 23 however company still hasn’t processed any refund. It’s impossible to contact any Support though I have Prime membership – it’s automated message system. We wrote hundred of mails and even received 5 emails saying that refund will be on account in 5-7 days, however nothing happens. I will never book here again as money are not safe with them with such Service support.

Bad service, wasted time, severe stress, harm to health
After checking in for the flight, e-dream sent me a boarding pass in the name of another person. It was impossible to tell them about the error. On the return flight, they did not send a boarding pass at all. And this is a Prime service, for which they are charged more than 50 euros from my account. After reading the reviews of other affected passengers, I realized that I would never deal with this company again.

Most incompetent customer service. Scam company.
The worst travel company that I had to deal with! A scam! Lack of transparency, of reliable information, of professionalism and a lot of lying. I had to change my departure date in September and although I paid luggage on my initial booking they did not added the information to my updated reservation. I contacted customer service several time during 3 weeks before my departure on this matter because they weren’t able to figure out how to solve this issue and kept delaying. One day prior the departure I have been promised that the issue is solved and they reassured me that they communicated the info to the airline. It was a lie. Once at the airport, the airline was seeing not luggage paid on my reservation, so I had to pay it again. I am trying to change the date for my return flight to US flight, it’s been 10 days. I first contacted them through chat on Dec 27. Kept telling me that someone will contact me within 72h. When nobody did, I wrote back. They told me to take this directly with the airline, knowing that this was not the solution, but just to get rid of me. Contacted the airline, which of course sent me back to them. It took them 8 days to call me to change my return flight. When I asked why they called me so late, I have been told that the airlines don’t work during holydays! Which is outrageously untrue! 8 days during which the prices kept climbing. The call was unprofessional and I have been offered zero transparency on how they set the prices that they asked me to pay. It was a take it or leave it situation. When I asked for other dates prices the agent kept repeating that this is the best price and I either want it or not. I chose not to change the ticket on Jan 3 when they called due unexpected high fees and some financial limitation. I reached back to them by phone on Jan 4th because I am forced to make the change due to health issues. Waited 15 min to be connected to someone. Gave all the information, the dates that I am looking at for the flight back just to be told that someone will get back with me in 3 days! I have been told told that they contacted me one day before but since I didn’t take their offer I need to wait for someone to get back to me in 72h. Basically I am being punished because I refused to buy the ticket they proposed. I have no words to describe how powerless and frustrated I feel. I am at the mercy of an incompetent and dishonest group of customer service people which each time refuses to transfer me to someone higher who could solve my problems. Their managers are always busy and can’t talk to me! I never felt so bullied, lied, robbed and ignored by a service provider in my life. I will do everything I can so this doesn’t happen to other people anymore. Stay as far as you can from this scam company!


A total scam! Want my money back. It’s horrible. I cancel and get my money back, they just sent mail they can’t refund. They just want to take everyone’s money and they don’t care about the lives they’re affecting. Total scam, I want my money back.plz advice for every one don’t book flights tickets from edream..scam,,scam,,scam,,,,,,

No reimbursement or updates for 8 months
I’m writing here to report my experience with E-dreams. I booked a flight on March 28th 2022 with eDreams which has been later canceled by the airline. By today, I did not receive any reimbursement for over 3000 euros and the customer service doesn’t answer to any claims. Please advise on how to proceed, thank you.

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